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Half Dome Security Mirror
Half Hemisphere Security Mirror
Ceiling Safety Mirror

Half Dome Security Mirror

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Product Summary
  • Designed to be mounted onto a wall
  • Acrylic design gives bright and sharp image
  • Can be used in shops or warehouses
  • 650W x 300D or 800W x 400D mm
Code: CS065H Application: Walls Dimensions (mm): 650 (W) x 300 (D) Type: Half Price: £47.50excl. vat: Price 2-5 £46.25 Price 6+ Call for bulk discounts

Additional Information

What is the purpose of the half dome security mirror?

Half dome security mirrors provides 180 degree visibility where there are safety and security concerns. The half dome security mirror needs to be mounted on a flat surface like a wall to help you look around the area due to the maximised angle of visibility. The extra vision gives you support and assurance of what is happening around you. It can be used as a theft deterrent and can offer assistance in locations where visibility is difficult.

Where can this product be used?

The additional visible aid whilst trying to park or reverse out of space is always needed, by installing a mirror, you can have that permanent aid 24/7. Warehouses, retail stores, workshops, multi-storey car parks and construction sites are some locations that could utilise a half dome mirror.

Who might use this product?

Someone who has experience or is trained to install this kind of mirror is essential as you want to maximise its full visibility. Security men may use this product to help them see around a section or all of a shop floor. Thye can help you pick out any theft or criminal activity within the store, and the staff will be able to see it happen without any difficulty. Warehouse staff would find these mirrors useful, especially if there are a high number of employees and forklifts. Whether your driving a forklift or any warehouse vehicle or whether you are travelling around on foot, being able to see what is behind you or around a corner is key to a safer workplace. The half dome mirror will help avoid any injuries or accidents within the warehouse.

Specifications of a half dome security mirror

The dome mirror is manufactured from acrylic moulding which is virtually unbreakable – even after repeated blows. It is lightweight and should be mounted on walls to fulfil its extended visibility. The half dome mirror is available in two sizes – 650W x 300D and 800W x 400D.